Looking out for our neighbors…

Let us all share what we can to save our homes. Soon the secrets they keep will not be theirs alone. The Frauds and the Pretenders will be brought to light for all the World to see. Can we redeem ourselves as America the land of the free… Will our American Dream be revitalized or will the lies of those who take the biggest entitlement known to man hold their hand out another day? Palms up waiting for their 4th and 5th helping our your sweat and tears, they steal our image and leave the trail of the snake for all the World is watching.

Are we so worried the world will fall apart if we pursue Justice and what is ours? They have convinced the Courts the Judges, the people in our neighborhoods that we are the criminals and all have learned their lesson well, until now with some very keen attorneys, Homeowners, yes and even Judges are beginning to see the light. A warning to all our Good Neighbors who don’t know the reality of Frauds that do occur, Beware… let us hope it all ends so, or they will have your home as well.

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