Seeing Your Own Home on Foreclosure for Sale Sites

Have you come across your own home on one of those Foreclosure for sale sites? Shouldn’t it be FORECLOSED HOME for sale?  You would think they would not be aloud to sell a home that is not even foreclosed upon yet and maybe NEVER will be FORECLOSED upon.

I would like to start a fuss over this.  Imagine what this does to your property value?  I have seen people stopping and taking a look around.  Summing it up, for over two years now.  They advertised my home at a much depleted value on these sites.  Far less than any one of the many claiming owner/holder of  etc etc… are requesting I put in their pocket.

The figure advertised on foreclosure for sale site is less than one half the Loan time appraisal, one year and 6 months later (from May 2006 to December 2007) and not reflecting the market at the close to the value the Original Mortgage company appraised my home at once they decided to make a change. Why do they place such a low appraisal at this time?  Surely to suit themselves.  What  about the fact that my home has been advertised at this low figure?  Who would not argue if asked to pay twice?

Perhaps you have experienced the same thing.

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